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Will Solar Panels Damage My Roof?

Many homeowners know about the investment and the advantages that solar panels can bring to their property. There are still many homeowners and business owners that are apprehensive to get a solar power system installed because they’re afraid that it may damage the roof and the materials of their roof. This is a common myth about solar panels and the system itself can be a massive boon, that space would typically be wasted on your roof anyways! Here are some common misconceptions about solar power installation.

They Leave Holes in Your Roof

Professional installers will need to install lag bolts in order to secure a solar panel rack to your roof. The goal of these bolts is to stand up to extreme weather events and to make sure that your solar panels can stay in place and efficiently. All of these bolts are sealed in appropriately with flashing and tar to make sure that they are leakfree.

Solar Panels Require Drills and Bolts on a Flat Roof

If you have a flat roof there is no need for bolting down the solar panels and there is a ballast mounting system which is extremely reliable and perfect for weighing down solar panels without having to install any type of bolt. This is a simple system that will not compromise the membrane on a flat roof.

Solar Panels Could Be Too Heavy For My Root

Solar panel to not compromise the overall durability and strength or the longevity of your roofing materials. An average roof in a winter climate often faces more snow than what a solar panel could weigh. An experienced solar panel installer will assess her roof and make sure that it can handle the extra weight without any issue.

Consider some of these common misconceptions about solar panels and roofing damage if you have been avoiding solar panels!

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