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3 Ways To Maintain Your Pool

If you have recently made the massive financial decision to have an in-ground pool put in, there are several new things you have to learn to maintain it properly. Here are three skills to learn (or people to hire) to make sure your pool is always in great shape.

  1. Cleaning

The most basic skill you will need to learn for your pool is how to give it a basic clean. Skimming the top is a great way to get some of the debris out, but you will also need to buy a special vacuum to clean the bottom and the sides. There is also likely a localĀ pool maintenance service St Charles County MO.

  1. Chemicals

The two primary types of pools are saltwater pools and chlorine pools. There are also pools that use a mix of both saltwater and chlorine. The company that installs your pool should tell you how to keep a balance of these chemicals at all times. Having too much or too little of these chemicalsĀ can result in a pool that is unsafe to be in.

  1. Filter

The filter is one of the most important components of your pool. It is how your pool regulates and somewhat cleans itself, so it is vital that you keep the filter itself clean and unobstructed. The filter is like your pool’s liver. Filters are fairly easy to clean, so read the manual that came with it, and also listen to the advice of the company that installed your pool.

Pools are not easy to maintain. If you want a pool that is healthy to swim and enjoy yourself in, then you have to put the work in. The work you put into maintaining your pool is directly correlated to how good of a time you and all your guests will have.