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How To Do Basic Plumbing Jobs

A clogged pipe, water pressure problems, or dripping faucet is something that a homeowner can easily fix in their Batavia plumbing. These are things that you don’t need a plumber license to fix. All you need are some basic DIY skills. Here are some basic plumbing things every homeowner should know.

Shut Off the Water

Any time you move to a new location, you should know how to shut off your water. This can help you if a pipe bursts or you have to turn off the water for any other reason. Apartments won’t always have independent valves, but homes will.

Do Not Puncture Your Pipes

Think before you drill or put nails through your floor, walls, or ceiling. Ensure there are no pipes behind where you are working, so you don’t accidentally puncture one. A stud finder can help you identify if there is something behind your wall. You can also try a specialized camera so you can see behind walls.

Determine What’s Flushable

Your toilet is not a garbage can, and putting anything down it other than toilet paper can lead to clogs in your plumbing. Even flushable wipes can clog the system.

Do Not Put Food Down Your Drain

Foods like food debris, coffee grounds, and grease will clog your pipes if they go down the drain. Even if you have a garbage disposal, you need to read the owner’s manual so you know exactly what can go through your system.

Learn To Use a Plunger

A good plunger will help you clear clogs from sinks, tubs, and toilets. Learn to use one properly and use it every time you plan to clean your sink’s traps. This will make your task less messy.

With some basic knowledge, you can tackle most of your plumbing issues. This will prevent you from having to call a plumber over the little things.