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Modern Homes: Different Curtain Styles

Modern Homes: Different Curtain Styles

With all the different styles of doors and windows that the modern times bring, there are curtain styles that complement that can complement your home decor. Curtains make the home a better and more comfortable place to live in. Not only do you have your privacy but also beautiful drapes.

Have you ever heard of Roman style blinds? These are the types of curtains that roll upwards and downwards using a string. These are fit for most kitchens and bathrooms. Bathrooms often have frosted windows so no one can see into the room so these curtains are ideal. Kitchens usually have lace curtains and many people can see into the kitchen from the outside of the house. Roman style blinds can protect your privacy without looking too bulky on the walls.

The swag style looks great in modern or classic rooms. A swag curtain has material hanging from the railing making loops that grace the room. This is a simple style that adds a bit of definition to a bland room. This style also has loose parts hanging down on either side of the curtain.

The empire style gives off the appearance of the curtains that used to be draped in palaces or castles. This style gives off the impression that it has a lot of volume and adds depth to the room.

A balloon style gives the impression that there is a lot of volume contained within the material. With every part that hangs down from the rail it creates the illusion that the bottom parts have been inflated like a balloon.

There are also different headers or railing styles that can be chosen to suit your preferences. Most header styles are made as pleated curtains. These header styles include relaxed pleat, natural pleat, pinched pleat and inverted pleat. Each one has a minor difference yet all have a decorative look that will give your curtains more character as design ornaments. If you have custom manufactured doors then these headers above the windows will complement the doors. Creating a modern home is all about adding decorative elements that match and create an ambience.

Decorating the windows allows you be creative within your own home. This gives your home the personal touch that is unique to you. It is your way to make your house a home. In addition curtains stop prying eyes from peering into your house thus giving you privacy.