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How To Choose The Best Tiles For Your Residential Or Commercial Space

Tiles come in varying shapes, materials, sizes, and colours. Depending on the functionality, price, and features, you can choose the best tile for your home. In this article, we will learn about the four key types of tile material such as glazed porcelain, ceramic, natural stone, and glass.


Ceramic tiles have a softer texture. They are convenient to cut compared to the other kinds of tile. This makes them susceptible to water absorption. They also have a low overall resistance towards frost.

Another attractive feature of these tiles is that they are the lowest in price. This makes them a good option for those who are looking for an affordable tile. However, they are less durable than other options in tile. is the most reputed place in Houston for residential and commercial cleaning. The company provides a team of qualified cleaning professionals that offer specialized residential and commercial carpet cleaning, 24-hour emergency water damage repair, and air duct cleaning services.

Glazed Porcelain

This type of tiles comprises porcelain clays that are compressed through the “dust pressing” process. The method forms an amazingly impermeable and strong tile that is appropriate for use in several applications.

The rate of absorption of water in these tiles is low. Glazed porcelain tiles are highly strong tiles that you can purchase. The low permeability of porcelain makes it harder for moulds and bacteria to damage it. Also, the tiles are convenient to clean.


Glass tiles are a few of the most customizable types of tiles that you can find in the market. The attractive feature of the glass is that it can be melted and filled with a large range of designs, and colours to choose from.

These tiles can be made in advanced colour patterns and design to be used for decoration purposes. It gives a glamorous touch to a place. As they are delicate and expensive, it is important to clean the tiles with care.

Natural stone

These are highly distinguished types of tiles that come in a variety of rich patterns, appealing textures, and strong colours. They can either be buffed or simply left “natural” based on the kind of look you want. Buffed stone tiles come with a matte appearance. They do not have the shine that you see with glass and glazed porcelain tiles.

How To Select The Right Tile?

Following are the important things that you should consider to find the right tile.

  • Learn about the space and wear and tear that the tile can endure.
  • Will it be placed in a high traffic flow area?
  • Will people be wearing socks or shoes?
  • Is there a possibility for the tiles to get wet?
  • What surfaces are going to be covered such as countertops, walls, or floors?
  • How much pressure that they will have to withstand?
  • Do you need a glamorous-looking tile or a durable tile?
  • What colour, shape, and size of the type do you need?


So, we have seen that tiles come in different forms and features. They form an integral component in the design of the kitchen, bathroom, etc. Refer to the above information to select the right tile based on your use and budget.