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AC installation Spring Hill- Step By Step Guide


Now that you have bought a window air conditioner for your house, you must look for an expert or a professional to install that cooling system properly. These professions must have some experience with electrical work and plumbing systems, so there is no hassle in getting the unit installed. Before installing an air conditioner, it is imperative to understand that every unit is different and unique due to the difference in manufacturing. The basic steps for an air conditioner installation are:

  1. Installation of an Indoor Unit

To install an air conditioner, try to look for a location on the interior walls of your house that are clear and free from any obstruction. For this purpose, the wall must not be in direct sunlight or any other heat source such as the kitchen. Such an indoor unit needs around 15 cm of open space so the unit should always be placed at least 7 feet above the ground levels.

  1. Securing the Mounting Plate

For this, you will have to hold the mounting plate in contradiction of the wall where the interior unit is going to be installed. The plate should be on a horizontal level. Now you can drill holes in the wall and fix the plate over it. You can lock the plate with the help of tapping screws.

  1. Fix the Piping

Look for the perfect spot to create a hole on the exterior wall according to the maiden of the mounting bracket. The length of the pipe, as well as the distance it may have from outside, should also be a significant consideration.

  1. Electrical Connections

The next step is to make certain that cable wires are accurately connected with the terminal of the screws and match the diagram that comes with the air conditioner unit.

  1. Pipe Connections

Take the pipe from the indoor unit towards the hole made outside of the wall while making sure that there is very little bending of the pipe; otherwise, the overall performance of the air conditioner may get affected. Now you can secure the inside air conditioner unit to the mounting plate by pushing it in the opposite direction.

  1. Installation of Outside Condenser

The place where outside condenser needs to be placed must be away from hot and dirty areas. A minimum of 12 inches of space is required to keep the condenser perfectly. First, a concrete pad must be put on the ground, and then the condenser should be placed over it. AC installation Spring Hill makes sure to use rubber muffling to lessen the vibrations. For wiring of the condenser, take help from the leaflet provided with the unit and follow the guidelines given by the manufacturer because the wiring is a very crucial part of an AC installation. After electrical connections, you will need to secure the flare nuts of the pipes that are analogous to the outdoor unit pipes. Drain the air along with humidity from the refrigerant, connect service port with the vacuum pump and examine all the junctions and faucets for leakage before turning on the AC.