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Why You Should Paint Your Windows & Doors Instead Of Replacing Them

Synopsis: If you are considering replacing your uPVC windows and doors because they look tired, save yourself some money and have them painted instead.

Image Courtesy of: Cheshire uPVC Coating

It is often the case that when windows and door frames start to look tired and drab, the owners automatically assume that they need replacing, which is not always the case. Before you go about replacing your windows, you will first need to work out whether the windows are okay and the colour has faded, or if there are any windows which are broken. If none of your windows or frames is broken, and they are still in full working order, then you may wish to consider painting the frames instead, even if they are uPVC. When you choose to paint the frames of your windows instead of replacing them, there are numerous advantages to be gained.

Significant Savings Can Be Made

One of the most significant benefits to painting your windows and doors rather than placing them is the savings that you can make. The cost of painting a lot lower than the price of purchasing and installing new windows and doors, and on average, you can save between 70-80%, which makes it an appealing prospect. Think about what you can do with the extra money that you save, put it towards a new car, a conservatory, or even a family holiday. If you want to know how much uPVC painting costs, contact your local company offering this service or get a quote for new windows, and you will see how much you can save.

A Lot Less Hassle

As well as saving money it is also a lot less hassle when you have your windows painted instead of replacing them. The amount of time it takes to prepare and paint a window is like that of replacing one, about 30 minutes, but there is a lot less mess created and no need for workers to traipse through your home. All the preparation work is on the outside of the window, and everything that is not to be painted will be taped off to ensure that the finish is crisp and clean.

Image Courtesy of: Cheshire uPVC Coating

A Perfect Finish

When you use the services of a reputable company to paint your windows and doors, their meticulous preparation of the surfaces will help to ensure that they achieve the perfect finish. So much so, that when compared to a new window, you probably would not be able to tell the difference. Window manufacturers will tell you that you should not paint your windows and that the paint will probably flake off as it does not stick to the surface correctly. However, when prepared correctly, the surface can adhere to the coating of paint and will give you a smooth finish, which will look brand new when you look at it.

Every Colour In The Rainbow

Another advantage of choosing not to replace your windows and paint them instead is that you can choose from a myriad of different colours, with just about every colour in the rainbow available, and more. If your window frames are looking tired and drab, but everything else is okay with them, do not waste your money, replacing them. Instead, search the internet and find your local uPVC painting company who will be happy to assist you in saving yourself some money.