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Why You Need To Think About Your Trees

Unless a tree has fallen down or interferes with power lines, how often do you think about the trees on your property? Trees provide shade, privacy, or curb appeal so unless there is a problem, many people don’t think about them. Here are three reasons to pay attention to your trees.

  1. Prevent Home Damage

A tree falling on your home would be disastrous, but did you know that a tree can damage your home in other ways? If you had a tree cut down, the remaining stump can be problematic. It must be ground down far enough or it can be difficult for grass, bushes, and new trees to grow in that space. A tree care company New London CT would be able to advise you on how far beneath the level of the yard that a stump needs to be ground for best results. It’s also important that the process of grinding a stump is done correctly so that flying debris doesn’t damage your home.

  1. Increase Tree Health

The best way to prevent significant tree damage is to pay attention to the health of your trees. Tree pruning and trimming is important for protecting your property from damage. Trees that are growing too densely can prevent adequate sunlight from reaching the ground below which can harm anything growing there. An arborist who trims your trees can also assess the health of the tree and tell you if dead branches indicate a problem with the whole tree.

  1. Build Property Value

Trees increase property value if they are the right type and in the right place. Whether you had to cut a tree down and want to replace it or just want to add more shade, planting the right tree is important. Placement matters because you don’t want it to grow too close to a utility pole, and type matters because you want something native to the area that will thrive and benefit the other plants and trees around it.

Proper tree care and maintenance is important for the well-being of your home and property.