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Why Mold Inspections Are Important

If you’re looking to buy a home or have owned one for a while, you might have some interest in a mold inspection. Even if you never thought of scheduling one yourself, you’ve probably heard other homeowners discussing this necessary service—particularly if you live in a moist area. Mold inspections are key to preventing serious problems both in the structure of your home and your personal health.

Mold and Allergies

Whether you’re searching for “mold inspection Portland” or “mold inspection Louisiana,” the side effects of having mold in your home are often the same. One potential issue that comes with mold is allergies. Some people are particularly sensitive to mold and might develop stuffy noses, sneezing and other common allergy symptoms. It’s important to remember that mold does not always grow in visible areas. So even if you don’t see it, it could still be causing health problems.

Mold and Asthma

Mold has also been known to cause asthma in some people or exacerbate symptoms in those who were previously diagnosed. Mold spores can release themselves into the air and irritate your respiratory system, causing inflammation or other severe reactions. Check your air vents for mold routinely to make sure you aren’t exposing your lungs to dangerous spores.

Mold Toxicity

Perhaps the most dangerous outcome of having mold in your home is mold toxicity. Toxic mold spores can invade the body and disrupt a number of processes ranging all the way from the nervous system to your digestive system. It can be difficult to identify mold toxicity because of the vagueness and seemingly disconnection of symptoms, so some people suffer for years before finding a diagnosis.

Mold inspections are an important part of protecting your home and your health. Before buying a new home, make sure to have a professional check for signs of mold.