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Tips for Hammering Together Home Storm Protection

When hurricane season rumbles onto the radar, coastal homeowners begin to think about impending preparations for weather events. However, heavy windstorms can hit any region at any time, so if you own a house you should assess whether your house, property and family are properly protected. Here is how to prepare your home for high-intensity storms that will hit on cue — or when you least expect.

Plan Far Ahead

You should first consider what long-term weather solutions you should undertake. For example, installing impact doors West Palm Beach or wind-resistant windows will provide an effective barrier against high winds and blowing objects year after year. Also, have your roof inspected to make sure it is still in good condition. These structural protective measures will take time to implement, so begin working with a vendor and contractor as soon as you decide to adopt them.

Take Immediate Precautions To Protect the Interior

If you are unable to install permanent storm barriers, work on affecting temporary safeguards. If the coming storm is extreme, you can board up windows with plywood slabs. If this move is not an option, move objects away from windows. Place valuables in waterproof containers. Keep access to your circuit breaker box clear so you can flip switches if water does enter the house.

Secure the Perimeter

A strong storm can cause damage outside your house as well as inside. Check over any fences to make sure they are stable. Store patio furniture, potted plants and other loose items inside the home if possible. If not, secure these potential projectiles to the ground. Also, take down any loose or structurally weak tree limbs; you will have to plan ahead to ask a tree expert to do this work where larger and heavier limbs need to be removed.

These are just a few ways you can bring your house up to storm-resistant standards. By assessing your homefront with a critical eye, you can determine whether or not it can weather the storm.