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The Best Crystal Chandeliers To Lighten Your Hotel Lobby

Selection of a crystal chandelier to illuminate your hotel lobby holds a lot of importance. It is an art object that gives prestige to your hotel while making a clear visual impact on the customer. If you are in search of the best chandelier for your hotel, then read this article. We have compiled a list of top chandelier options along with the rules to install them.

Rules to Orientate a Chandelier:

To get the perfect lighting effect, you need to install the chandelier in the right way. Here are a few rules to consider, while installing a chandelier.

  •         Select the ideal light point

The chandelier works to illuminate a place. It gives a sophisticated touch of luxury and magic. Begin by evaluating the place where you install the chandelier to get the desired effect from it.

Sofary is a reputable firm that works with professional quality lighting fixture manufacturers throughout North America, Europe, and other areas. This one is a high-quality chandelier that is built with a superior quality standard at a competitive price.

  •         Compute the chandelier size

Learn about the dimensions of the chandelier to ensure that it has an adequate height to provide an optimal effect.

  •         Choose the shape and style of the crystal chandelier

The selection of the design of the chandelier is solely a personal decision. It varies in accordance with the personal tastes of the client. Based on your hotel setting, you can choose between a classic or contemporary style of chandelier.

Nowadays you get classic models that are revised in a contemporary style with more formalized designs, and lines without modifying the features of the chandelier. Make a careful section of the color, finishes, material, and the details of the finishes with which the chandeliers are embellished.

Most appropriate crystal chandeliers to lighten a hotel lobby

These are the most elegant and classic chandeliers for a hotel lobby.

  •         The Canopus chandelier

This chandelier is built of forged steel rings in different sizes. It is well-lit by an indirect LED light that creates a wonderful effect. It is made of a variety of different colors that includes gold leaf, copper leaf, silver leaf, and brushed galvanic satin gold.

  •         The Calipso chandelier

This chandelier comes in rings of several sizes that are illuminated through the crystal set present in steel bands. This structure replicates a polychrome and beautiful light. Mirrored steel enhances reflection.

  •         The Diamante chandelier

In this type of chandelier, the light reflects on the whole arrangement in octagonal crystals through which it illuminates the shining light.

  •         The Helios chandelier

This chandelier has a spherical shape. When used with a suspension chandelier, it lends shine and elegance to the lobby of the client’s hotel. If the lobby doesn’t have a very high ceiling, then install it straight to the ceiling.


A crystal chandelier is a visual tool that helps enhance the appearance and reputation of your entire hotel. The above points will help you position your chosen chandelier to make the best impression on your guests.