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Take Note of These Mice Calling Cards in Your Home

If you suspect your home has been invaded by mice, you will likely scamper quickly to control the problem. How do you know that a furry visitor has taken residence if you have not seen the creature? You can find that answer by consulting pest control services Cape Coral FL; in the meantime, look for these signs of a mouse in the house so you can convey specifics to the experts.


Sometimes a homeowner becomes aware of a new smell but can not place the source. Rodents, whether mice or rats, give off a distinct scent resulting from a combination of mammal fur and urine; you may think it smells like ammonia. The scent of ammonia can come from several sources in the home, so look for other signs in combination.


Small clumps of pellets could also be the first signals a mouse sends out. These droppings look like dark grains of rice. You may find them in any location, from baseboard corners to countertops. Since mice like warm nooks, by shining a flashlight under your oven, you will likely discover evidence scattered about. Take health precautions when cleaning up your finds.

Bits of Nesting

Sometimes, female mice will shred paper to form nests. Rodents are not particularly fastidious; you may find scattered scraps of tissue or newspaper on the floor, especially near wastebaskets. You might also notice holes in piles of papers you have left laying around.

Food Chompings

Mice need to eat. Loaves of bread or other packaged food will end up targets in their quest for nourishment. Unless a family member has been picking at a food bag, those little holes in the wrapping will be the result of a mouse’s gnawing teeth.

When a mouse seeks shelter, you can bet more will follow; a single mouse often leaves a scent trail for others. By paying attention to possible mouse messages and taking quick action, you can close the door on unwelcome whiskered guests.