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Landscaping Preparation Tips

Starting with a blank outdoor space or a space that needs refurbished can seem overwhelming. You may feel like you have to learn about all the plants, try to figure out soil structure and pH. It’s hard to know where to start. Before searching for local help, such as “landscaping Memphis TN,” you may consider the following tips.


Your first step is to list everything you hope to have in your outdoor space. For example, do you want shade trees, evergreens or expansive flower beds? Also, what hardscapes, such as patios, pools or firepits, do you want included? Identify focal points that draw the eye.

As you plan your plant and hardscape placement, include walkways to connect your major spaces. Situate outdoor kitchens and dining rooms in areas that have easy access into the house, such as near sliding patio doors or backdoors. Plan out the placement of your plants, starting with trees and major garden beds.

Plant Research

Go to a local garden center and look at plants. Speak with someone working there and ask questions about the plants you like. For example, ask about soil, light and water requirements. Make sure the plants will thrive in your USDA Hardiness Zone.

Site Evaluation and Preparation

As you survey your land, look for drainage issue, where water pools or hills that slope down toward your home’s foundation. Try to even out your site, but it should slope from your foundation out to the ends of your yard.

Your soil pH should also be tested before you begin amending it. Compare your soil’s pH to your plant’s requirements because some plants require more acidic soils while others require neutral or basic soils.

Amend your soil with organic mulch, including grass clippings, leaves, woodchips and even pine needles. Add mulch up to 4 inches deep and mix it into your soil well. You may also consider aerating your soil.

If you need help preparing your outdoor space for landscaping, consider consulting a reputable landscaping company.