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How to Keep Your Guests Comfortable at an Outdoor Wedding

Having an outdoor wedding can pose some unique complications compared to indoor venues. While the main focus will be on the bride and groom, it still makes sense to provide the best atmosphere for the guests attending. For years to come, the guests will remember the attention to detail and thoughtfulness that made the wedding a success. Here are some ways to make sure your guests stay comfortable at your wedding.

Raise a Tent

Keeping guests out of the elements of weather is key. A tent can save the wedding event if it happens to be a rainy day, but also provides much needed shade on sunny days. You may need a spot cooler rental south Florida to even out the air flow and keep your guests from sweating through their dress clothes. If it’s going to be chilly, consider space heaters. Tents come equipped with walls that can be lifted and lowered to allow fresh air flow on lovely days or prevent items from being blown away on blustery days.

Keep Meals Warm

It takes time to feed all the guests at a wedding and you don’t want the final tables eating cold food. Talk to your caterer to make sure they use food warmers to keep the food hot and delicious for every single guest.

Combat Nature

In certain areas, outdoor bugs can present a problem for wedding guests. If you know mosquitos and other flying creatures will be around, make sure bug spray is readily available. Each table can have a bottle that matches the wedding decor and keeps guests free from bug bites.

Outdoor weddings can be gorgeous and when well thought out present little issues. Although the challenges may be different than indoor weddings, preparing for any mishaps will certainly make the day wonderful for each guest. On the day of the wedding, you can enjoy yourself knowing you did the best you could to make the day special for everyone.