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5 Types of Casters and When To Use Them

With so many caster options on the market, it can be difficult to know what style works for your operation. Here are the most common types of casters and when to use them.

  1. Kingpinless

The wheels on a kingpinless caster are fully treated to withstand the harshest working conditions and impact shock. If you need something durable that will last for a long time, the kingpinless is the best option. This is because they don’t have a kingpin, meaning you don’t need to worry about kingpin failure, which is the leading cause of caster replacement. Additionally, their top plates are often coated with zinc to prevent deterioration.

  1. Low-Profile

Many brands, such as Albion Casters, make low-profile wheels ideal for the hospitality or food industry and laundry carts. This style offers smooth and gentle rolling, so workers can easily maneuver it. Plus, they are tiny but mighty. Because of where they tend to be used, they come with a corrosion-resistant treatment to extend life.

  1. Steel

As you can imagine, steel wheels are crafted from this type of metal. Also known as heavy-duty casters, these are precision machined to provide maximum strength and durability. You can find these in similar applications to where kingpinless casters are found.

  1. Pneumatic

Pneumatic casters are perfect for off-road terrain, although they also offer protection to indoor surfaces and the load. If you move fragile loads or endure rough terrain, the pneumatic option is the best. This is because the tires are filled with air to give the load a cushion. That said, they are rugged enough to deal with outdoor use and harsh conditions. Pneumatics are often used in production racks and when delicate equipment is in use. Additionally, this style can be repaired and maintained to extend life.

  1. Spring Loaded

This style comes with an ultra-heavy-duty spring inside so each wheel can meet the rigorous demands of aviation and automotive production companies. Aside from here, you can find these in equally rugged and abusive industries. The durability and corrosion resistance of the spring helps absorb shock and vibration to offer maximum protection to cargo. Additionally, the spring is housed inside of a protective compartment, so manufacturers don’t have to worry about debris getting lodged inside of it.

These casters are all a good option when used properly. Be sure to follow these guidelines to pick the best style for your company.