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2 Questions Worth Asking When Replacing Your Roof

After hiring a contractor to perform a roof leak repair Denver CO for the latest time in recent years, you have decided it’s time for a new roof. Next, you will have to choose between an overlay or tear off project. Considering two questions can help you make a determination.

  1. What Are the Costs? 

An overlay roof installation will be significantly less expensive in the short term. One reason for this is less material will be needed. Additionally, tearing off an existing roof will require significantly more labor, as well as significant waste removal expenses.

There are, however, long-term costs to keep in mind. For instance, a roof that is nailed on over existing shingles will not last as long as one that is installed after tearing off the old roof. Additionally, there is no way to fully determine what condition the underlayment is in. So, it’s possible you could be investing in your roof again sooner than you think.

  1. What Risks Are Involved?

Both options have potential for challenges. With a tear off, you never know what’s underneath until you begin ripping the roof off. In some cases, you might find a few bad spots that can be replaced relatively easily and with minimal additional expense. However, some roofs have so much bad plywood that the whole underlayment will need to be replaced. Other challenges include having to work around the weather and fear of damage to the home, landscape or car.

There are also risks with the overlay option. As mentioned, if you don’t remove the existing shingles, you may not know if you have wood damage underneath. This could lead to problems in the future. An additional risk is that the additional weight could put more stress on your home.

Weighing the risks and costs will help you decide which option is right for you.