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The Benefits of Installing Artificial Grass on Your Deck

Chances are good that you’re heard of artificial turf Colorado Springs by now. With society increasingly focused on water conservation and being as environmentally friendly as possible, more and more people are opting for synthetic turf rather than using a significant amount of water to keep natural grass thriving, especially in warmer climates. With that said, you might not be aware of some of the more unorthodox ways in which fake grass is being used. One of the more popular trends includes installing it directly on your deck!

A Soft Surface

Decks are great places to spend warm days and nights, but they can be awfully hard. Whether it’s wood, concrete, or another substance altogether, many decks are inherently sturdy underfoot. And while this is great for resisting the elements, it’s less ideal for sheer comfort during use. Synthetic grass is a great option. Installing it directly on your deck makes the surface far more comfortable to use. You might even find yourself sprawled out in the sun more often than you’d otherwise be.

Cleaner Pools

If you have a pool near your deck, keep in mind that artificial turf doesn’t kick up a ton of grass blades and dirt when walked across. Additionally, it doesn’t become muddy when it rains – it just drains quickly and stays clean and bright. That means that you’re going to have less dirt and plant matter making its way into your pool if you use artificial grass around it. This goes for your home, too. If people or pups track mud and dirt into your home when they come in from the deck, synthetic grass could be the right solution to minimize the amount of cleaning you have to do.

For more information about artificial lawns and how they can be used to give your deck a boost in practicality, reach out to Top Notch Turf today!