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How to Stay Under Budget When Building a Home

Building your own house allows you to create a home specifically tailored to your family’s needs and desires. However, house building can be a time-consuming and expensive project, often exceeding deadlines and budgets. Unexpected delays and costs often come up during the building process. With careful planning and the right team at your side, you can build your ideal home while maintaining your budget.

Compromise on Small Things

When building a house, you’ll be asked to make hundreds of small decisions about everything from lighting fixtures and countertop thickness to cabinet stains and window placement. By prioritizing the house’s functionality over smaller design choices, you can make sure your budget is well-spent. For example, it’s much easier to replace faucets or doorknobs after a few years than to fix the roofing, walls or flooring of your house.

Navigate the Real Estate Market

The parts and labor costs of building a new home are relatively similar regardless of where you’re building; however, real estate costs can differ dramatically depending on the real estate market, making land prices one of the biggest factors in your budget. For example, if you’re looking to build in coastal Virginia, working with a real estate team that has expertise in your local market can help you find attractive and affordable Suffolk land for sale. This will help you save money so you can redirect those budget resources towards building your home.

Prepare for Timeline Delays

Building a home takes a considerable amount of time, and the main ways to speed up the process involve either spending more money or taking shortcuts that could cause problems for you down the line. If you’d like to maintain your budget and still build a quality home, have some patience with your building team. Understand that weather, shipping and equipment can cause big delays for contractors. 

Building a home within budget is challenging but not impossible if you do your research, practice patience and surround yourself with a great team.