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3 Essential Steps for Preparing a House for the Market

Getting ready to sell your home in a competitive market? No matter where you’re selling, it’s a smart idea to spend a little time and effort bringing your house up to par with the comps. Here are three essential steps you should take to prepare your entire property to welcome even the pickiest buyers.

  1. Repair Your Pool

A pool is a great selling feature for any home, but only if it’s in excellent mechanical and aesthetic condition. If you’re lucky enough to have a swimming pool on your property, you need to be sure that potential buyers see it as a selling feature and not as a project that they’ll have to tackle. Before you list, contact the experts in pool repair Sarasota FL to improve the function and appearance of this value-adding feature.

  1. Clean the Inside

A home filled with years of clutter and grime is an immediate turn off and distraction to potential buyers. Purge some of your unnecessary belongings and if the clutter is still overwhelming, consider renting an offsite storage unit to hold your things. Once the clutter is gone, clean the house from top to bottom. Focus on your kitchen and bathrooms but don’t forget to do some detail cleaning on features like crown molding and baseboards.

  1. Add Curb Appeal

Good curb appeal instantly attracts the attention of potential buyers and it gives them hope that what’s on the inside looks as good as what’s on the outside. Easy curb appeal updates include removing landscaping debris, painting your front door and adding solar-powered outdoor lights to highlight your home’s unique elements. Complete these projects before taking your listing photos so that homebuyers know what to expect before they take the time to come to your property.

Every homeowner wants to maximize returns when they go to sell. Follow the simple steps above to be sure that you get the best offer possible for your property.