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The art of cleaning your home under 30 minutes

Since most of us are packed with tight schedules, we often tend to ignore the process of cleaning our homes. This is one of the biggest mistakes that we do. That’s because ignoring to clean our house will contribute towards the accumulation of clutter. This can lead you towards headaches in the long run. It can even lead you and your family members to numerous health issues. On top of that, people will have to experience structural damages to their homes by ignoring these regular cleaning activities as well.

You just need to spend 30 minutes a day to clean your house. No matter how busy you are, you will find it as an easy task to find 30 minutes. In order to do that, you need to understand the art of cleaning your house within 30 minutes. This article will guide you with that.

Cleaning the bathroom

When you are cleaning the bathroom, you should go crazy with the spray. You should spray everything that you can see in your bathroom. They include the toilet, mirror, bathtub and sink. In addition to that, you need to clean the shelves and counters that you have as well. Then you should take paper towels or a cleaning cloth and proceed with wiping.

Cleaning equipment supplier – Tiddox says that you should start wiping from the cleanest surfaces that you can find, such as the mirror. Then you need to focus on the toilet. You should grab the toilet brush firmly and scrub the bowl vigorously. Then you can start cleaning the seat and the base of the toilet. You can use disposable wipes to get the job done. Finally, you can clean the handles and light switches that you can find in the bathroom.

Cleaning the kitchen

You should begin cleaning your kitchen by wiping all the worktops. You will be able to use a clean cloth and provide a quick cleaning job for all the worktops that you have in the kitchen. That’s because it can help you to get rid of grime and dirt quickly. Then you need to focus on cleaning the fridge door handle and all the other drawer handles.

Along with that, you need to focus on wiping away all the fingerprints that you can see from the materials such as polished marble and glass. Finally, you should de-clutter your kitchen. You need to store all the large appliances that you have in cupboards. Then you will be able to keep the kitchen well-organized and enhance the space.

Cleaning the living room

When you are cleaning the living room, you should locate all the remote controllers and place them in the designated location. Then you should reorganize the newspapers and magazines that you have. If you no longer want them, you will be able to go ahead and recycle them as well. All the pillows and cushions that you have in the living room must be fluffed as well.

Then you can spot dust in the living room and vacuum clean them effectively. The primary objective of this cleaning process is not to make your living room sparkle. It will help you to freshen up all the noticeable areas of the living room.

Cleaning the bedroom

You should start the process of cleaning your bedroom with the bed. You will be able to do that within just 30 seconds. Likewise, you will be able to start the cleaning process in all the bedrooms that you have at your home as well. Apart from making the bed, you will also be able to go ahead and tidy up the bedroom. You should put away all the shoes. Then you need to get rid of clothing and other items that are lying around as well.

Cleaning the hallway

You should never ignore the process of cleaning your hallway. If you want to provide a complete cleaning job to your home, you should proceed with hallway cleaning as well. This is where you should spot vacuum. You can quickly vacuum the hallway and pick up dirt and dust that is accumulated on every single day. In case if you are expecting any guests to come, you don’t need to worry too much about mopping.

That’s because the guests will anyway bring in dirt from outside the home. Then you need to take a look at the shoes and ensure that all of them are arranged nearly. It is better if you can invest on a shoe rack, so that you can arrange all the shoes perfectly well. You can also think about hanging all the coats that you have with coat hooks.

These are the steps that you should follow to clean your house within just 30 minutes. Any person can do it and experience the benefits.