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You Will Thank Us – Tips About Outside Temperature Sensors You Need To Know

As the outside temperature varies, the heating needs of a home are not constant. This is why a regulation is very useful to increase or decrease the water temperature of the heating circuit according to the energy or power needs. The outdoor sensor will guarantee comfort and energy savings.

An interior temperature adapted to the climate

The sensor measures the outside temperature and modulates the water temperature of your radiators or your underfloor heating, by acting on the burner or the valve of your boiler. It is usually placed on an exterior wall facing north. Thanks to its sensors and its regulator, this system allows you to adapt the heating and permanently maintain the thermal comfort of your home. The outdoor sensor integrates the change in the outdoor temperature and transmits the information to the regulator, which automatically adapts the water temperature. You therefore no longer risk having a temperature that is too high or too low.

The outdoor sensor offers permanent thermal comfort

This system is well suited to single or multi-storey houses with a large floor area. It is recommended for a heated floor and it is essential for a heated floor associated with radiators. An outdoor sensor can also be installed on an air conditioning system (reversible heat pump, air / air, air / water, etc.).

It’s good to know! For all new housing, thermal regulations impose a regulation mode.

The outdoor sensor allows energy savings

The Outside Temperature Sensors is complementary to the thermostatic valve. It regulates the temperature room by room according to your needs. With temperature probe regulation, you can keep your boiler, ensuring better comfort and energy savings of 10% to 25%. The temperature sensor regulation determines a water temperature coordinated with the outside temperature, which avoids oversizing or discomfort. Get the details at

Regulation and programming: the winning couple

There are several types of temperature probe regulation. However, it is advisable to couple this system with a room thermostat which, for its part, takes into account the temperature in a control room, as well as free supplies such as sunshine. A regulation must be coupled with a programmer and thermostatic valves, to manage the desired temperature in each room of the house.