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Who Needs Concrete Polishing in Manhattan?

Concrete flooring is common in many industrial spaces, especially warehouse and factory locations, but it is hardly unique to those environments. Many other Manhattan businesses and even residences have concrete flooring surfaces that need maintenance to best preserve their integrity and ensure they meet or exceed their predicted useful lifespan. Often, polishing is a first step to a regular resealing regimen, so it’s often used by indoor parking facilities and other businesses that deal with heavy traffic. It can also be a vital part of building basement maintenance for both single-family homes and apartment buildings.

Protecting Basement Spaces Against Moisture Buildup

Resealing your concrete walls and floors against moisture requires a regular inspection and reapplication cycle to compensate for aging sealant that peels or gets damaged, providing a route in from the outside. Beginning the process of resealing by hiring concrete polishing Manhattan NY means being sure your floors have a consistent finish, so it’s easier to apply a consistent coat of floor sealant that will last for years. That’s not all your concrete polishing provider can do, though.

Stain Remediation & Cleaning

Polishing high traffic indoor areas doesn’t always mean preparing for vehicular traffic. Plenty of indoor spaces like shopping malls and office buildings have lobby-level concrete floors that get scuffed and damaged by day to day foot traffic. When that happens, the porous concrete is more likely to soak up spills, which can lead to stains. To avoid staining and corrosion, polishing to maintain the finish is necessary, along with the occasional re-sealing for spaces that rely on sealed concrete floors to protect them.

Book Polishing for Your Building Today

If you haven’t established a facilities maintenance routine that covers every aspect of your building’s maintenance needs, now is the time to get started. Regular polishing can help keep concrete clean enough to minimize the abrasion from debris that leads to wear and tear on your floor’s finish, so it’s not just a service you need before resealing the floor.