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Ways To Protect Your Garden

Creating and maintaining a successful garden takes a lot of time and hard work. You might have the basics of watering and fertilizing down, but were you aware that there are other things that could damage your garden? Here are a few ways to protect your garden and help it have the best chance at success.

Build Adequate Fencing

Critters of all shapes and sizes are one of the biggest downfalls of a garden. It’s important to understand which animals are in your area and what the best way to keep them out is. For example, if you have burrowing animals around you, then you’ll want a fence that is partially buried underground. Fencing services Parker CO can help you understand exactly what kind of fencing will give you the best protection.

Look Out for Invasive Species

Be mindful of what is already growing around your garden spot. Invasive plants such as ivy and blackberries are known to be extremely hearty and will take over anything in their path. Give your garden ample space away from invasive plants so that if they get a little bit out of control, your garden won’t become their victim.

Control Weeds and Grass

Weeds and grass are the banes of any gardener’s life. When they are left unchecked, they can easily smother a garden and kill even the healthiest of plants. When you’re getting your ground ready for your yearly garden, put down some cardboard. Overlap the edges to prevent weeds from popping through, and get the cardboard wet to help keep it from blowing away. Then, as an extra measure of protection, put a layer of landscaping fabric on top of the cardboard. The combination of the two will protect your garden all season from unwanted weeds and grass, and your back and plants will thank you for it.