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Practical Tips for Designing Your Bathroom

All bathrooms need sprucing from time to time, and sometimes they need a complete overhaul. With the area being so heavily used and prone to excessive moisture, there are many factors to consider other than aesthetics. Here are some tips to ensure your bathroom interior design St Louis is not only beautiful but also functional.


Bathroom floors can be exposed to a lot of water, so think about how durable you need your floors to be. For example, if you have small children, wood floors are not the best option. Kids will splash plenty of water onto the floor, and that moisture will easily damage the wood. If you like the look of wood in a bathroom, opt for tile that has a wood-like appearance instead of the real thing. For the same reason, carpet in a bathroom will grow mildew in no time when exposed to water. A bare, durable material is the best option.


When designing your bathroom, make sure that storage is a priority. You might have the most beautiful finishings, but if your towels and toiletries are covering every surface, you won’t enjoy the space. A pedestal sink is lovely, but ensure there is a medicine cabinet or other storage option to make up for lost counter space. You can also add shelves or niches into the shower for storing soaps and gels. If you build those into the design, you’ll never have to purchase a shower caddy again, and you’ll get a much more custom look.


It’s wise to use high-quality paint everywhere in the home, but especially in the bathroom. The steam and stray water will regularly end up on the walls, and can quickly wear down cheap paint. To prevent the need to paint every year, choose a color that you love in the highest quality you can afford.

Designing a new bathroom is exciting, and it’s easy to get caught up in the visual aspects. Choose your materials with practicality in mind, and you’ll have a room you can enjoy for years to come.