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DIY deck project vs. professional deck builders

Home decks are the most common DIY project. A deck addition in your backyard is all about making a great outdoor space for dining, relaxing, entertaining, and spending quality time with family. Decks are also considered as an eye-catching selling feature for home buyers. Trying a DIY deck building project once in a while is one thing, but if you do not follow the jurisdictions building code for deck additions carefully, there are lots of things that can go wrong. Maybe you keep some delusions of the DIY deck. But uneven height, improper fitting, clearance form property line, types of wood used, and strength of the deck to support patio furniture, people, and barbeque are few common factors that bring you back into the reality. Then a time comes when you actually need professional deck builders. understands the importance of extra outdoor space for your family in the form of the deck, and that is the reason we are dedicated to transforming your living place into the place of your dreams. From home decks to fences, gates, and pergolas, we provide you with complete professional assistance to live a dream life in your dream home.

Some common mistakes with DIY decks:

It is true that building a deck seems like a simple and easy DIY project for those who are reasonably comfortable with DIY-there are lots of mistakes they made unintentionally. While professional deals with all the issues and problems technically and brings out the maximum from the minimum.

1. Unplanned DIY deck projects:

Not having a designed plan is the primary issue with DIY decks. All decks are not the same, and different decks are used for various purposes. DIY decks without planning can create a problem with congested seating spaces, cooking and eating spaces, and an area for entertainment.

What do professionals do?

Professionals in ‘’Decks for Life’’ understand all ifs and buts of a project and do proper planning to design and install a perfect deck. Everything from your house design, space available for decks, and why your family needs deck to how you can get the ideal view from the deck, and in what way it is possible to keep deck naturally protected from direct sunlight, professionals observe tiny details keenly.

Keeping all these factors in mind, they plan and design a deck for your home.

2. DIY deck with no thinking about furniture, elements, and barbeque:

For DIY deck projects, the main aim is to create a deck, and that’s all. Making of a perfect deck involves many fine details that must need to be observed, such as:

  • Where to place the barbeque and how to arrange the rest of the space around it?
  • Need an elaborate seating area with a full-on outdoor living room set with a gazebo or only two Muskoka chairs along with a cooler?
  • Need a proper shelter for both sun and rain, or your use of the deck is occasional?

All these factors need proper assistance of a trained and skillful person.

What do professionals do?

‘’Decks for Life’’ has experienced people who are trained to deal with all these issues simultaneously. Our experts work on all major and minor details regarding deck designing and installation. Whether you need a single deck or deck with multiple levels and what kind of furniture you need to place there. We discuss all the details with the owner and then start converting their dream into reality.

3. Need permit:

If your deck is going to be more than two feet off the ground, you need a permit to build a deck.

What do professionals do?

Hiring a deck builder company is the right way to meet up with the building regulations. Similar to the house construction, building a deck also requires codes and regulations. ‘’Decks for Life’’ understand all the rules and regulations that need to be met in the construction of your dream home deck.

4. Limited decking options:

Installation of the deck as a DIY project involves no proper investigation of all decking options. It may cost more than you expect only due to a lack of the right information.

What do professionals do?

Professionals know everything about the materials and their maintenance, and they can advise you about the most suitable options and also about the maintenance of your deck. ‘’Decks for Life’’ gives you options to pick from wood, classic pressure-treated lumber, hardwood, composite, and PVC. If you are OK with regular maintenance than wood and pressure-treated wood are cost-effective options. While the composite and PVC are little expensive options but require less maintenance.

5. More expensive option:

Maybe you consider DIY decking a cost-effective option, but this is not entirely true. From sourcing, all the material on your own, buying equipment, and maximum hard work during construction of deck inevitably end up costing a lot of money in the long run.

What do professionals do?

Hiring a professional deck builder is very affordable. You only need to call them, and that’s all. There is nothing to worry about material supply, tools, and technical equipment and hard work. You simply need to check the final product and have to pay them for their best efforts.

6. Waste of time:

DIY decking needs a lot of time and effort to invest, and still, you cannot be sure of getting desired results. Time is precious, and spending your time in an unpredictable activity that also needs massive investment is not a wise decision.

What do professionals do?

Once you hire a deck building professional, you will save time and utilize it in other useful activities. Professional deck builder’s work with timelines based on the contract, and they deliver their job in the shortest time possible.

Decks for Life:

We are a company with professional technicians, competitive pricing, and individual approach to our every project and design custom decks for your houses with an essential touch of elegance, art, and perfection. With excellent customer support, we offer liability coverage also. We understand the importance of home and even understand the sentiments of people associated to their safe place. We sincerely advise our clients about the best possible options within their budget, and due to our knowledge, experience, and professional commands, we design a functional masterpiece for your outdoor living space.

Decks for Life also provide a range of repair services and also offer custom pergola (the second Life) for your deck