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Construction Safety for Rehabilitation Project Managers

Managing a rehabilitation project in a commercial or residential area requires a lot of careful attention to detail. You have to make safety the number one priority for your team and your clients. Here are some important things that you need to do to ensure that your team will have a safe working environment.

Remediate Environmental Contaminants

Previous structures or improper disposal of waste could make a job site extremely hazardous to people’s health and safety. Before you create new structures, you need to ensure that the area that your team will be working in will be safe. If you need help with remediation services Boston MA, reach out to a service provider who has extensive experience in addressing several different types of environmental pollution.

Ignoring an environmental contaminant could have serious ramifications. If you fail to take the proper precautions, the cost of completing your project could skyrocket and the damages to your client could be considerable.

Train Staff Thoroughly

As a project manager, you’re going to be accountable for other people’s conduct. An accident that could have been prevented will likely impute responsibility to you, even if you weren’t onsite when it happened.

To help assure that workers exercise safe behaviors and use equipment properly, you have to train them thoroughly. Take advantage of OSHA’s training resources to give your people the information that they need to stay safe. Before you hire a subcontractor to handle any part of a job, ask them about what they do to train their staff and assure compliance with OSHA’s regulations.

Hire an Adequate Number of Workers

Trying to meet benchmark deadlines on a jobsite can be tremendously stressful, particularly when you encounter unexpected setbacks or certain phases of work take longer than originally projected. Nevertheless, you can’t push your team to do more work than they can reasonably do in a day. Rushing work makes accidents more likely to occur, and it can also interfere with the quality of a team’s work product. It’s essential that you have enough staff to meet deadlines rather than compromise your team’s safety.

Stay in Constant Communication With Your Client About What You’re Doing to Promote Safety

One of developers’ most common complaints about project delays or change orders is that managers and contractors aren’t being communicative or don’t seem accountable. Your clients will be understanding about delays or change orders when you let them know about what’s happening and why certain precautions are important for everyone’s safety.