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Brighten Up Your Bathroom

Has your bathroom seen better days? It can be easy to ignore the decor in this room, even though it probably gets a lot of use. Take a few minutes and you can turn your bathroom into your own personal sanctuary. Even something as simple as apartment cleaning Portage MI can make your space feel so much better. It does not matter how big the room or your budget, there are plenty of quick fixes you can make happen today.

  1. Functional Furniture

If you have bottles of hairspray and perfume or a plethora of cosmetics scattered all over your sink’s countertop, find a cute cabinet to house all of these items. You can store extra toilet paper and tissues in here too. Less clutter will keep the room company-ready and more relaxing for you, too. Baskets for items you access frequently like soaps are a great idea.

  1. Fresh Towels

If your towels are mismatched, faded or scratchy, it may be time to invest in a new set. There is nothing like the feeling of a nice fluffy towel. It is a little bit of pampering for you, and it will make the room feel renewed. Try a new color or pattern, like a serene and calming blue or a bright and beachy scene.

  1. Scented Candles

Not only do they smell great, you can make beautiful arrangements with candles that will lend some artistry to the environment. Plus, it is a real treat to sink into a warm tub with your favorite beverage, surrounded by a few calming candles to light the space.

It is so easy to add new life to your bathroom. Let your creativity run wild and change styles with just a few key pieces. You deserve to have a special space just for you.