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Awesome Tips About Quartz Countertops

Every kitchen deserves the best materials to withstand the daily grind of a family. The great resistance of quartz kitchen counters more than justifies their growing popularity. However, like anything, you have to remain vigilant not to unnecessarily wear out this work surface.

Here are some tips for your quartz countertop

Avoid contact with strong chemicals

Among the substances to be kept at bay, you can find:

  • Solutions with a high alkaline content (pH> 10)
  • All acid or oil based cleaners
  • Nail polish and nail polish remover
  • Oven cleaners and degreasers
  • Products for sink pipes
  • Chlorine-based solutions
  • Much of the popular household products
  • Do not cut food directly on the quartz

Since carraramarmi quartz is a stronger material than metal, contact between the two is not recommended. Your knives can become dull quickly and you could leave traces of metal on your countertop. Instead, use a cutting board over the Stone Countertops.

Keep abrasive utensils away

Abrasive sponges, such as steel wool, should never be used on quartz surfaces. Also, to scrub away dried and stuck residue, opt for a plastic knife instead of a metal utensil.

Avoid contact with heat

Although quartz is normally resistant to temperatures between 150 ° C and 200 ° C, prolonged exposure to heat or thermal shock could seriously damage quartz. Thus, avoid placing hot dishes directly on the counter. In addition, your glass dishes could explode. It is recommended to use a trivet to place hot containers.

Quickly clean up spills

If you leave damage on the quartz for a long time, you risk permanently staining your countertop. So you need to quickly clean up liquid spills, especially stains, such as coffee, wine, and oil. In addition, acidic beverages should be placed on coasters. Lemon has never been quartz’s friend.

In addition, to avoid the accumulation of deposits, do not forget to rinse the counter well with clear water after each use of soap, vinegar or any other cleanser. If you release a strong chemical, rinse the surface immediately with plenty of water.

Substances like printing ink or permanent pencils should never be used on your quartz kitchen counter. These stains are very stubborn and it will take a lot of effort to remove them.