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3 Quick Improvements To Transform a Tired Room

Older houses can be affordable options, but they often have outdated features that are, quite frankly, unattractive. If the idea of a major renovation isn’t appealing, rest assured that you can conquer an outdated home in a weekend or less. Use these three tips to makeover a tired room without breaking the bank.

Paint Outdated Brickwork

If your home was built in the second half of the last century, then it probably has brickwork somewhere inside. Maybe you have a focal wall in the entry or a boxy fireplace in the family room. No matter where your exposed bricks are located in your home, you can improve their appearance without a major renovation project. One of the quickest and most cost-effective methods is to paint them. The process of painting bricks is more complicated than changing the color of a standard wall, so be sure you understand what is involved before you dive in.

Enhance Windows

One great way to highlight designer fireplace surrounds Milwaukee is to give your windows new life. There are plenty of options that do not require replacing them, either. If you want to breathe new life into a room, these small changes to and around the windows can help:

  • Install caulking around windows to eliminate drafts
  • Use decorative window films to filter UV rays while still providing plenty of natural light
  • Set curtains higher and wider than the actual window to create the appearance of space

Swap Out Lighting Fixtures

Windows are not the primary source of light in most homes. However, many have lighting that is outdated, unattractive or underperforming. New fixtures can fix most of those problems. Choose varied lighting types to create a layered effect. Overhead fixtures, wall sconces and table or floor lamps each serve a specific purpose and call all be used in the same room. Dimmers and smart switches elevate the lighting even further.

Enhancing windows, updating the lighting and eliminating unsightly outdated brickwork are just a few of the DIY projects that can remake a tired-looking room.