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3 Popular Roofing Types In Florida

If you are wondering what type of roof is best suited to your home in Florida, it is important to consider some of the most popular types of roofs that are installed in the area today. Florida has a very different climate to other parts of the USA and here are some of the best styles of roofing that you can install across the state:

Composite Shingle

A composite shingle will act as a roofing system that can ensure your entire roofing system remains strong and sturdy from wind and rain. These types of shingles are designed for protection in high winds and they can last between 20-50 years on average.

Concrete Or Clay

Clay or concrete are popular options in Florida but they can be a more expensive option to consider. Even though you will need to pay a bit more, you will be getting a product that is better in humid conditions and able to last over an extended period of time. Clay and concrete require a new roofing structure to support them but they are some of the best roofs to install in Florida.

Single Ply

A single-ply roofing system is a great choice in Florida. They have a lighter color which is perfect for reflecting the sun’s rays. These roofing materials can be used on a slope as well as in a number of roofing conditions. Single play is also a relatively low cost but they will require more maintenance and a faster replacement time.

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