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3 Great Ideas To Give Your Home a Front Yard Makeover Before Selling

Planning to put your house on the market? You want potential buyers to experience love at first sight, which means that your front yard needs to be ready to make a winning first impression. Try out these three great ideas to give your home an outstanding landscape makeover.

  1. Improve the Lawn

It’s no secret that potential buyers are looking for a “trophy lawn,” a lawn with dense, green grass that feels as great as it looks. Grass can be a surprisingly difficult plant to maintain, which is why you should rely on the experts in lawn maintenance Glastonbury CT to get your grass healthy and green prior to a sale. This simple step pays dividends in creating the curb appeal that will get your home sold.

  1. Add Mulch

A quick and easy way to provide a polished look to your front yard is to generously spread mulch around your flower and tree beds. It’s best to choose mulch that complements the overall color scheme of your home’s exterior. Red or brown mulch looks great with brick houses, while dark mulch provides a nice contrast to homes with a lighter exterior color scheme.

  1. Get Creative With Plants

Flowers and plants add color to a yard and really bring it to life, and they also catch the eye of potential buyers. Since you’re likely doing this job in a short window of time, add small touches of color by staging some potted plants around your front entryway. Fill pots with bold annuals to provide all visitors with a cheerful welcome.

Don’t make a rookie mistake and focus only on preparing the inside of your house prior to selling. By following these tips and making these improvements to your yard, you’ll have a tidy yard that provides value-adding curb appeal for your home.